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Since our founding in 1993, our motto, “Whoever Controls Your Medical and Health Decisions Controls You“, has been the centerpiece of all the work that we do. While our main interest is to expand access to natural healing arts, we are committed to making sure that all policies and laws, at both state and federal, protect the right for each one of us to make our own medical and health decisions.

As a grassroots citizen lobby group, from time to time, we organize citizen action campaigns to champion health freedom causes both here in Oklahoma and in our nation’s capitol. For that reason, we hope you sign up for our action alerts.

In addition, in keeping with our mission to educate people about health freedom issues, each Saturday morning we provide a segment called, “Meininger Minute”, which is broadcast live from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on SuperHealth on KEBC 1340 AM radio. We update listeners on important health freedom issues of the day as well as provide instructions for key health freedom action alerts. 

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